ZVerse is a Columbia, SC-based digital manufacturing ecosystem that connects makers with the designers, materials and manufacturers they need to bring their products to life with less friction and less waste. Zverse serves as a supercharger of great ideas; one of the largest on-demand manufacturers in the southeast with 3D printing capabilities and part of a new breed of modern manufacturers.

In March 2020, we realized we were unique in the world. We had the processes, relationships and technology to accelerate mass production of personal protective equipment (PPE) – specifically, face shields – very quickly.

So, we played to our strengths, adapted our business model, mobilized our network of world-class industrial engineers and suppliers across the U.S. and chose injection molding over 3D printing to accelerate mass production of personal protective equipment (PPE) and answer a call for help from frontline healthcare workers across the state and the country. ZVerse is now able to produce hundreds of thousands of face shields a day, all designed, sourced and made in the USA.

ZVerse began with the ZShield Health product, a head-mounted face shield designed for frontline healthcare workers. This essential piece of PPE, used to prevent airborne transmission of bacteria and disease, is used in combination with an N95 Respirator for best protection.

But we realized that everyone needs face-covering options. In May we introduced the ZShield Flex, a light-weight face shield that attaches from a comfortable neck mount rather than the forehead. The ZShield Flex face shield is designed for everyday use and for use in restaurants, food service settings, salons, elective medical offices, and other businesses seeking to reopen safely.

As schools began to weigh re-opening, we launched ZShield Youth designed for children ages 5-11, children with asthma, hearing impairment, and other circumstances that may prevent continuous mask usage. Next, we introduced ZShield Wrap, similar to the Flex but with a larger wraparound visor and a design that meets CDC guidance for face shields.

Our innovative shield designs are now worn in thousands of businesses and schools, on Hollywood film sets, and by happy customers the world over. ZVerse is putting the world’s most vital, innovative products into people’s hands faster.