Tanya Michaelides

TKM9 Group

Tanya has spent over 25 years in the creative industry. From working in some of the biggest global Advertising Agencies across Australia and the UK to leading and starting multi-award winning global Design Studios: tkm9 and Play9.

Tanya’s happy place is where physical and digital collide, seamlessly creating experiences that simply bring a smile to a user’s face.

With a strong background in business, technology and creativity, Tanya loves cultivating and inspiring those around her, to constantly create, push boundaries and innovate.

Tanya simply loves to talk, you’ll often find her engulfed in passionate conversations, arms proudly waving as she expresses her excitement and enthusiasm for smart, well-crafted ideas.

As a proud Australian business owner, Tanya is thrilled to be part of telling and sharing our Creative Australian success stories.