Window WeatherGuard

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Window WeatherGuard

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could leave your sliding windows open for fresh air flow even when it’s raining? It’s a problem for property owners and renters alike.

Window WeatherGuards are a world first award-winning Australian window innovation. Essentially, they are a high performance UV stable clear moulded acrylic window guard. They allow sliding windows to be left open in an energy efficient vented position without the fear of rain damage. The design notably allows them to work seamlessly with sliding window locks for added security. They provide an elegant and very affordable solution to all households.

The success of the easily installed D.I.Y. version has led to the design of the new Patented In-Channel System. This system fully integrates WeatherGuards into the manufacture of new windows by self-locking them into the fly screen frame. This is a game changer for the window manufacturing industry. It will also transform the air quality in homes and the health of families.

• Allow you to leave windows open 24-7, rain, hail or shine.
• Protects against water damage to expensive blinds, shutters, carpets, floors, windowsills, electronics and appliances.
• Improves the air quality in homes and the health of families.
• Increases fresh air flow and improves the energy efficiency of buildings.
• Noticeably reduces energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and our global footprint.
• Substantially improves ventilation and lowers the level of indoor airborne toxins, including volatile organic compounds (V.O.C.s).
• Suitable for traditional homes as well as unit blocks where eaves are minimal.
• 100% Australian Owned.
• 100% invented, designed and manufactured in Australia.

No water damage. House cooler. Air quality improved. Money saved. Carbon footprint reduced. Environment protected. All this through purchasing an Australian owned and manufactured product and contributing to a greener future! Window WeatherGuards are truly a revolution!

Window WeatherGuard
Window WeatherGuard
Window WeatherGuard