Smart Inhaler

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Smart Inhaler

Adherium’s Hailie® solution comprises Bluetooth® enabled sensors that attach to the patients “puffer”, a mobile application and a secure cloud-based portal.

Together, this provides a comprehensive disease management platform, empowering health professionals to monitor the medication usage data of their patients. Providing added value monitoring of the patients where adherence matters most and where the healthcare burden and cost is highest.

In Australia there are approximately 2.7 million people with asthma, with more that 45% having uncontrolled disease and 10% attending hospital or the Emergency Department more than once in the last year.

The economic burden of poorly managed asthma in Australia is estimated to be in excess of $24 billion per year.

Hailie® is the world’s most clinically supported asthma adherence solution.
The Hailie® solution is independently shown to:
• Increase adherence to preventative medication by 180% in children and 59% in adults.
• Reduce severe exacerbations in adults by 60%.
• Contribute to significant improvements in quality of life for people with chronic asthma.

The Hailie® solution is an ecosystem of intelligent sensors and apps that help healthcare professionals and patients manage their chronic respiratory conditions, track medication usage, provide reminders, and help them enjoy an improved quality of life.

Adherium’s The Hailie® Sensors
Adherium’s clinically supported Hailie® technology platform has extensive range of inhaled device coverage that works for Rescuer/Reliever and Preventer inhalers. Based on Bluetooth technology enable secure synchronisation of a patient’s inhaler usage to Adherium’s Hailie secure Cloud
The Hailie® Physiological measures are a fundamental strategy for the delivery of real-time data to support Patient management. Physiologic measure data is captured by Adherium sensors and displayed in the Hailie ® web Portal.

Hailie® Physiological measures include:
• Peak Inspiratory Flow rate (L/min) (min/max and average)
• Inhalation Volume (L)
• Inhalation Duration (seconds)
• Time stamp
• Number of Inhalations

Hailie® Technique indicators include:
• Time between actuation and inhalation, inhalation and inhalation
• Orientation
• Shake Detection
• Shake Duration

Smart Inhaler
Smart Inhaler
Smart Inhaler