Australia by Design: Architecture People's Choice Award FinalistAustralia ByDesign Innovations FinalistAustralia by Design: Architecture People's Choice Award Series WinnerAustralia ByDesign Innovations WinnerAustralia by Design: Architecture People's Choice AwardSakuru

Haworth Sakuru

Sakuru, an innovative, sustainable and adaptive solution, designed to support a range of work types, from individual focused tasks to team collaboration activities and even presentation settings. With its vast flexibility, Sakuru has even found a home in the Hospitality and Residential spaces, through its diverse ability to transform and provide a range of settings.

Minimal Elements:
Created using a simple kit of parts, Sakuru is able to accommodate a variety of settings and applications based on the users ever changing requirements.

The embedded flexibility of Sakuru stems from Haworth’s core value of sustainability, providing clients with a solution that can be a cluster of workstations one day, to then be transformed into meeting tables, collaboration settings or a plethora of other configurations without needing to procure new materials as and when business requirements change.

Sakuru features minimal clean lines, with gentle curves that make it the perfect selection for any interior setting. The centralised and rounded bollard supporting the setting, provides stability without the need for a bulky under structure, providing a light and airy feeling around the setting with optimal amounts of leg room for its users. A magnetic fabric leather or vinyl wrap accessory can be placed over the bollards to redefine its colour scheme and aesthetic, time and time again.

The principal of sustainability is engrained in Sakuru, through its kit of parts philosophy, an integral element of its overall DNA. Such is illustrated through its flexibility in configuration and ever evolving aesthetic options. In support and verification of such claims, the product has also attained GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) certification as well as, certification as an Australian Made Product through the Australian Made Campaign. Collectively these cement its place as a forward thinking, sustainable and truly unique and versatile setting to suit any space.