Mobile Solar Communications Tower

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Mobile Solar Communications Tower

EcoQuip was established in 2013 when founder, Dave Sharp – after many years of fixed solar energy system design, development and installation – designed, fabricated and assembled four first generation Mobile Solar Lighting Tower solutions (MSLT – Gen1) at his home in Western Australia.

Dave Sharp’s practical knowledge and capability in solar energy systems formed the original foundation underlying all EcoQuip design and development endeavours. This has delivered a unique approach and new industry standard in mobile solar / battery energy system performance, reliability, telemetry, longevity and safety.

At the heart of the Gen 4 MSLT is the new EcoControl Module, a proprietary self-contained unit designed by EcoQuip and its US aero-space development partner incorporating all the hardware required to achieve EcoQuip’s vision for the “future of mobile solar powered equipment”, which include:
• Optimized charge / power management system with enhanced efficiency, performance and unique operational & telemetry flexibility;
• Predictive “smart tower” capability with control algorithm setpoint values dynamically updating to suit forecast conditions.
• LFP energy storage system with a custom battery management capability that provides industry leading cycle flexibility & extended battery life-cycle performance;
• Lighting control algorithm to optimize light output whilst also managing battery level to ensure reliable year-round operation.
• Light ramp-up and ramp-down during sunset and sunrise to conserve battery levels.
• Cloud based, remote monitoring, control and diagnostic capability with ability to remotely adjust control parameters, update firmware and deal with faults.
• GPS location and geofencing capability.
• Ability to utilize the tower as communications system for autonomous mining operations, or as CCTV tower.
• `Benchmark’ resource sector compatible durability & build quality;
• Simple & relevant control / telemetry interface (Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, satellite);
• Intelligent automated operation (customised to client need);
• Data integration with client operational systems interface; and
• Simple component replacement enabled design.

The real step change with the Gen 4 EcoControl Module lies in the inclusion of predictive control, the unit receives an external forecast of solar conditions and automatically adjusts the control algorithm parameters accordingly.
We now have the capabilities for the trailers to auto connect to the VPN, and we can remote access the screen on the trailers from our office, laptop or phone. The cloud receives all sensor data including solar generation, battery voltage, load information, battery temperatures, battery firmware version, software version, run mode, GPS location, etc. etc.

Mobile Solar Communications Tower
Mobile Solar Communications Tower
Mobile Solar Communications Tower