Macnaught Battery Operated Pump

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Macnaught Battery Operated Pump BOP

Innovation. It’s the only way to stay ahead – Macnaught prides itself on its innovative designs that provide its customers with easier, safer and more efficient work practices.

A key example of this is Macnaught’s BOP – Battery Operated Pump – family for 20 and 60 litre fluid drums. Designed and manufactured in Australia, the Macnaught BOP is a portable, rechargeable, 18volt battery operated pump platform designed to improve workshop efficiency and reduce fatigue with the flick of a switch.

Using a separate Powerhead and pump stem system, the simple yet clever BOP Powerhead can be transferred across multiple BOP pump stems and multiple fluids to reduce set-up costs and the ‘on-demand’ flow nozzle allows full control over fluid delivery.

The slogan ‘One Powerhead, Multiple Pumps, Countless Industries’ says it all. The portable BOP Powerhead eliminates the need for multiple expensive powered pumps, enabling the user to fit out a work area with BOP pump stems in the fluid types required, with a singular BOP Powerhead subsequently powering the family of pump stems.

Industries as diverse as motor vehicle servicing, wind turbine maintenance, marine engine oil changes and forklift maintenance can all benefit from the convenient one Powerhead – Multiple pump stem configuration. This reduces labour and highlights the products key benefit of creating a safer and more efficient workplace.

The BOP from Macnaught is available in 4 different pump stem versions for drums designed specifically for workshop fluids. These include:

Engine Oil – from 0W40 – 75W90
High Viscosity Oil – up to SAE140
Automatic transmission fluid
Mixed and concentrate engine coolants

The Macnaught BOP – Single Powerhead, Multiple Pump Stems, Countless Industries.

Macnaught Battery Operated Pump
Macnaught Battery Operated Pump
Macnaught Battery Operated Pump