2Vu Telehealth Platform

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2Vu Telehealth Platform

2Vu – The new view in medical video conferencing.

Blood pressure, pulse rate, temperature, oxygen saturation levels – in critical medical cases, monitoring vital signs can mean the difference between life or death.
But what if medical expertise isn’t accessible?
Imagine these scenarios:

  • A cancer patient living in a rural location.
  • A school child requiring regular monitoring for asthma or type 1 diabetes.
  • An elderly parent with complex health needs, in a large aged-care home.
  • A remote mine with an on-site paramedic.

Our revolutionary Visionflex 2Vu medical video conferencing platform has been designed to deliver quality healthcare to patients – wherever they are.
2Vu’s unique, high-speed video conferencing features mean that for the first time, multiple doctors, specialists, nurses and patients can simultaneously participate in a remote video consultation and – in real-time – share screen access to vital patient data including blood pressure, ECG traces, temperature, and blood-oxygen levels.
Doctors can control micro vision of the patient by remotely accessing a clinical camera such as an endoscope, dermatoscope, dental camera or the HD GEIS general examination camera, while also viewing the macro view of the patient and nurse through a room-view camera.
Our ExamVu software within 2Vu automatically encrypts and securely stores patient information, including photos (e.g. a detailed wound assessment, or an ECG trace) to share live with medical colleagues and store in a hospital’s electronic health record system (EHR).

2Vu also incorporates our latest ground-breaking stethoscope tool – TrueSteth.
TrueSteth is the world’s only digital stethoscope software that allows doctors to remotely control the function of a stethoscope – including its sensitivity – and transmit in real time, the high-fidelity sound of the heartbeat, along with a visual trace line.
Doctors can also remotely adjust the stethoscope’s filters to listen to different sounds such as the heart, lungs, and gut.
In practice, TrueSteth would allow a nurse (or parent) to use a stethoscope on a patient, while the doctor or specialist – who can be thousands of kilometres away – has the ability to control the stethoscope’s audio filters and gain.
TrueSteth is available as a function of 2Vu, or a stand-alone app.
Our 2Vu software is suitable for clinical medical assessments. 2Vu does not require any specialised hardware, other than your personal computer.

2Vu Telehealth Platform
2Vu Telehealth Platform
2Vu Telehealth Platform