Hulu's hit TV Series "9 Perfect Strangers"


The setting of Hulu's hit TV Series "9 Perfect Strangers," starring Nicole Kidman, takes place on the property of Lune De Sang, the winner of series 2 Australia By Design Architecture!

Our lead architects and an expert panel of industry leaders were not surprised to have Lune De Sang make it through to the series finale as it demonstrated exceptional design and material choices, which together culminate in an impressive, multigenerational enduring piece of architecture.  

Lune De Sang has now become an iconic and renowned piece of architecture in the hinterland of Byron Bay, Australia, owned by eccentric American, Andy Plummer. The Australia By Design team captured this dream location's every angle as we walked the property with John Choi, the Architect from CHROFI, taking us through the design process from ideation to development and answering the pulsing questions of "how?" and "why?"

"Why is a good question. One may ask, why art? Why music? Why sports? There are so many things that we do that are much more than functional purposes. It gives us joy, beauty and it tells us stories about our place in the world, and that's very much what architecture is here to do as well." - Architect of Lune De Sang, John Choi from CHROFI

Watch the full interview and see Lune De Sang through the eyes of its designer below.

Monique ChapmanMonique Chapman
Monique Chapman

Monique is a Production Assistant for Australia and America By Design.


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