Formflow - "How it started vs How it's going"


What happened to the series four winners of Australia By Design: Innovations, Formflow? 

Since winning the title of best innovation, our team at Australia By Design has kept in contact with Formflow. The C90 product that took home the winning title for series 4 of Innovations series grew rapidly, and the public demand increased exponentially. 

The Formflow team works closely with Australia By Design’s Premiere Sponsor, BlueScope Lysaght, on their C90 product. Production has taken off in Geelong, Victoria and is being shipped nationally. The C90 bend’s “seamless corner solution” and impressive product formulation is seen as an heroic product throughout the bushfire rebuilding projects.

On top of their recent success less than a year after winning Australia By Design: Innovations, Formflow will be rolled out nationally under the license agreement with Lysaght, and available for all customers. 

Moreover, they are exploring ambitious opportunities for the C90 bend globally. Over the next 12 months, they will be reimaging the C90 with a new wide range of products coming to the market.

We want to thank Formflow for their involvement in Australia by Design and wish them all the best with their ongoing success.
To be a part of our upcoming Australia By Design: Innovations series, please connect with our team through this link, CONTACT US.

Monique ChapmanMonique Chapman
Monique Chapman

Monique is a Production Assistant for Australia and America By Design.


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