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We are leading up to the release of Australia By Design Architecture SERIES 5! Four years of outstanding Australian Architectural TV behind us and we continue on the up and up with a fresh stock of creative and beautiful projects from the competing participants. 

Our lead architects and an expert panel of industry leaders have accompanied Australia By Design through the judging process and motivated our participants to branch out with their ideas to create the “best of the best” of Australian Architecture. 

Judges Suzie Hunt, Principal Architect, and Jill Garner, the Victorian Government Architect, are among some of the returning judges and presenters for series 5! As well as several other highly influential industry leaders that will be joining our panel as judges and presenters that you can learn more about on our website by clicking here.

The judges have referred to Australia By Design: Architecture Series 5 as “an architectural experience that is going to blow your mind.” 

At the conclusion of each episode, our panel will announce which of the properties are the most outstanding and, therefore, will go through to the final road of judging. The top contestants are shown in the eighth episode of the series, where our panel of judges creates the TOP 10 countdown to discover Australia’s ultimate Architectural statement of the year. 

Series 5 will undoubtedly set the bar higher than ever before, with unique, contemporary, and shocking architectural designs. We can’t wait to share it with you. Keep an eye out for more information as to when the first episode is set to broadcast!

Cascade House @atelier_redblack

Treehouse - @madeleineblanchfieldarchitects

Sculptform - @sculptform_ @woodsbagot

Avoca Studio - @mattthitchenerarchitect

Penguin Parade Visitor Centre - TERROIRarchitects

Courtyard House - @chrofi_architects @fab.prefab

Monique ChapmanMonique Chapman
Monique Chapman

Monique is a Production Assistant for Australia and America By Design.


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