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Design is everywhere, and designers can be found in all industries, solving problems, creating products, systems, and experiences that shape our lives. From packaging to billboards to mobile apps, infrastructure networks, medical equipment, and leading edge space technology - design truly has no limits.

In partnership with America by Design, IBM invites you to learn more about how you can become a part of the next generation of designers. Fill out the form below to receive an invitation to an exclusive live seminar with a panel of professional designers at IBM. This exciting event will cover information about the design field, career opportunities, portfolio preparation, live Q&A, and more.

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Careers in Design Webinar

Interested in learning more about design?

In partnership with Project Osmosis, IBM invites you to learn more about how you can become a part of the next generation of designers! Watch the replay of IBM Design's webinar featuring a panel of professional designers at IBM. This exciting event covered information about the design field, career opportunities, portfolio preparation, Q&A, and more.


Originally aired on Wednesday, March 23
This event is part of a special 3-part series, Designing your Career, featuring leaders in the field of design. Brought to you by IBM and Project Osmosis.



Karel Vredenburg has led design worldwide at IBM for most of his three decades with the company. For the past nine years, Karel introduced and implemented IBM’s new design system including Enterprise Design Thinking into each of the business units of the company globally—software, services, systems, and sales—as well as to hundreds of other companies, typically working with their C-suite level executives and boards. He is currently responsible for IBM’s global design leadership, the company’s internal profession and culture of design, and the design organization’s external engagement and academic programs.

Haidy Perez-Francis is the VP of Design for IBM's Cybersecurity Division where she leads an award winning team to tackle the world’s toughest cybercrimes. Her passion for design started 19 years ago when she established herself as a print designer and has since transitioned into specializing in delivering enterprise software for companies across the world. In the past six years at IBM, she has delivered a unified client experience and vision while continuing to align design outcomes to business strategy. Haidy advocates for equity in what is traditionally seen as a male dominated industry and is particularly passionate about leveling up women of color in the tech industry.

Nigel has been a leader in software, technical transformation, and design since he founded one of Austin’s first digital product consultancies in 1996. Nigel joined IBM in 2014 and is the design executive for the Ecosystem Platforms & Experiences team, which is the home for IBM’s enterprise digital presence. The team delivers market differentiation through holistic digital journeys built on Carbon- IBM’s unified digital design system. In addition, Nigel leads IBM's Racial Equity in Design initiative. Through Nigel’s leadership, the company is implementing long term transformation around closing the racial equity gap in the profession of design while improving the career experiences for black designers inside IBM and beyond.

Shani works as a Design Executive at IBM, leading their design-driven transformation. Her role encompasses defining the design mission and strategy for the IBM Z product family, advancing design practice thinking throughout the company with an emphasis on superior client experiences and building connection and culture across the Design Research, Content Design, Front-End Development, UX Design and Visual Design Departments. A creative thinker and doer, Shani came to the Berlin School of Creative Leadership to challenge herself in a non-traditional educational environment and find inspiration and knowledge from an international class of participants facing similar complexities in their industries. "My output is at its richest maximum when it is informed in a multidisciplinary way. As I have progressed in my career, the stakes are higher and navigating through interpersonal factors and complex problems are all persistent variables. The rigorous practice and various tools the Executive MBA has offered me are invaluable to continue to meet these challenges, specifically in the context of creativity."

Based in New York, Todd brings over 25 years of multi-disciplinary experience to IBM, and has the distinction of being the very first “Designer” in the Company’s long history to be brought on as an Executive. In his 8 years since joining, Todd and team have worked closely across all businesses and disciplines to elevate every expression of IBM, every experience, as well as to help evolve and expand the IBM Design Program itself, our philosophy, principals, and practices. Today, with even more business emphasis on design excellence, Todd is in a new role, co-leading the IBM Blue Studio, which is bringing together all creatives (including partners) across business units, marketing, content, digital, social, events and environments into a single studio model. Todd has been named among the Most Creative People in Business and Most Influential People Shaping The Future of Design by Fast Company.

The Webinar will focus on the following design practices:



Content designers create and communicate meaning throughout product or service experiences for users and customers. They help people understand the value of IBM solutions with clarity and consistency and guide people to advance their next steps to achieve their goals.


Design researchers uncover insights, inform design decisions, and forge new opportunities to improve business outcomes through the rigorous study of people and the ecosystems in which they exist. They continuously build team understanding and empathy through empirical observation, experience, and making.



Industrial designers design physical products, including its function, value, and appearance. They create products within a connected ecosystem for the mutual benefit of both user and manufacturer.


Service designers work to create end-to-end enterprise experiences for prospects, customers, business partners, and employees that span face-to-face and digital interactions. They use human-centered approaches to shape and define the value exchange between a service provider and the user across touch points, time, and channels.


User experience designers create human-centered experiences by designing the structural and informational foundation for products, services, and systems. They facilitate the delivery of all elements, interactions, and decisions that add value to the total user experience.


Copy to come.


Visual designers communicate intent and meaning through visual experiences to incite understanding and action from people. They translate functions and information into emotionally compelling and desirable experiences.

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