Rachio 03 – Smart Sprinkler System

FinalistSeries WinnerIBM Empower AwardRachio 03 – Smart Sprinkler System

The idea for Rachio was born when founder Chris Klein was walking home during a downpour in Denver, Colorado. As he walked, he noticed all the automated sprinkler controllers wastefully watering in the rain.

To Chris, a software engineer, it was the impetus to get to work developing the brains behind the world's first intelligent sprinkler controller. It automatically adjusts watering schedules based on hyperlocal weather tracking — sprinklers only make an appearance when necessary.

Chris had the software design figured out, but he needed help with the hardware. Designing sustainability into a consumer product is challenging, given the necessities of delivering a great user experience at a competitive price. But with these challenges comes the opportunity to make a huge impact. When multiplied by hundreds of thousands of units, a sustainable consumer product can have a resoundingly positive effect.

Bresslergroup redesigned the first generation of Rachio’s smart sprinkler controller to use half as many parts, eliminate screws and external fasteners, and condense three PCBs worth of electronics into one. This eliminated harmful waste, and it reduced product complexity and assembly costs to allow Rachio to keep production in the U.S.

Bresslergroup also helped Rachio balance technical complexity with usability through the design of two generations of the product. Even non-techies find it easy to set up and use. Its simplicity and ease of use is communicated by its elegant design.

Design makes all the difference. By making sustainable water use delightful and effortless, Rachio disrupted a destructive lawn-culture paradigm that’s been the norm for years. Outdoor watering typically accounts for about 60% of household water usage. Rachio’s users conserve up to 50% of outdoor water use, shave up to 50% off their monthly water bill, and they feel great about creating a better future for our planet.

Rachio 03 Smart Sprinkler System
Rachio 03 Smart Sprinkler System
Rachio 03 Smart Sprinkler System