Gx Sweat Patch

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Gatorade knows every athlete is unique and high performance requires a personalized approach.

We’re thrilled to share the Gx Sweat Patch and app are now available to consumers, a major milestone in our brand journey to help all athletes fuel and perform at their best. The Gx system combines the wealth of knowledge and expertise from GSSI with our science-backed products and equipment to give every athlete the opportunity to analyze their sweat and learn about their bodies to better plan and prepare for their workouts.  

The Gx sweat patch is a first-to-market wearable that unlocks an athlete’s unique sweat profile to inform their personal hydration strategy. Once a service only available to elite athletes through their work with GSSI – any athlete can now learn more about their sweat.  

The Gx app combines aggregated info from all of your health and wellness apps with GSSI athlete intelligence to create actionable fueling, training and recovery recommendations.

The Gx Sweat Patch is available on Gatorade.com. The Gx app is available in the Apple App Store as a free download.

Bringing the Gx Sweat Patch and app to life was the effort of an incredible integrated team. GSSI and the Innovation and Design teams have been working together for years to bring this work to market, and we have many other exciting innovations in the works.

Gatorade GX Sweat Patch
Gatorade GX Sweat Patch
Gatorade GX Sweat Patch