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Revol is an attractive, ergonomic dog crate that reimagines the crate experience for pets and their humans.

Your pet is a part of your family, and their crate is a part of your home. A crate should be safe, stylish, and well-designed—without any compromises. That’s why we made Revol easy to use, comfortable for pets, and aesthetically pleasing.

As pet parents ourselves, we wanted to address all of the common pain points we had experienced firsthand with existing crates. To do so, we designed Revol with a safety-first, style-conscious approach, inspired by the strict quality standards of the baby industry. Where traditional wire crates fall short of user expectations, Revol shines with safety details like our unique diamond mesh, rounded corners, and premium non-toxic materials.

As design-obsessed creatives, we wanted to make something that would look beautiful in the home, too. There’s no reason that your dog crate has to be an eyesore! Revol is available in multiple gorgeous colors that were carefully selected to blend in with almost any decor scheme. The welcoming aesthetics are not only easier on human’s eyes, it also makes the crate more inviting to pups as well. When you’re not at home, Revol can easily be collapsed and transported, perfect for adventures.

Revol was also crafted with crate training in mind. As puppies and newly adopted dogs get acclimated to their new home, a crate is an important part of the process. We handpicked features that maximize both dogs’ comfort and pet parents’ convenience. The included puppy divider allows you to set a custom crate size that grows with your puppy. A ceiling hatch and a garage-style side door provide additional access. Plus, the easy-entry doors are great for dogs with disabilities or mobility issues.

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